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About KIBO
KIBO Natural Body Care is a small company started in Aurora Ontario in 2005. KIBO was created with nature in mind using natural ingredients that are carefully selected to create each of these body care products. KIBO uses a variety of essential oils, moisturizing oils such as coconut, palm, olive to name a few. The ingredients selected have beneficial properties that will help enhance the natural health and beauty of your skin.

KIBO offers a wide variety of natural vegetable based soaps each with its own unique purpose of working towards a healthy you. Choose from soaps that have a luxurious lather, soaps that exfoliate, soaps that have wonderful moisture, or soaps that just smell great. All soaps are made by hand in small batches to ensure the right amounts of ingredients are added to make each bar with excellent quality. No harsh chemicals or unnecessary additives are used in these soaps, therefore even sensitive skin types can find a soap that works for them.

KIBO also offers an array of body lotion and creams made with natural oils such as jojoba, sweet almond, olive, shea butter and more. These natural lotions have a small percentage of preservative used only to preserve a longer shelf life. Each lotion and cream has beneficial and skin enhancing properties that will help improve your skin's health.

About the Owner
My passion for natural body care started long before I realized it had become a part of my life. I grew up in picturesque Newfoundland with nature in my back door and a lot of time to experiment with fruits and other raw foods from the kitchen. I guess thinking back to how wonderful I thought it was when I discovered how a banana and honey made a great facial mask was probably my first hint. Or maybe it has been my eternal quest to find a natural “healthy glow” not one that comes from a bottle of baby oil and a sunny day.  

Since then I have followed natural skin care companies becoming a loyal follower of the next great product to help make your skin look and feel great. With a growing interest in aromatherapy and natural skin care I started to make my own products for fun and interest. I loved the fact that I could create something that was just for me that was also great for my skin and I knew exactly what the ingredients were.

When I found myself home with my 2 small children I decided it was time to share my talent and healthy skin approach with everyone around me. I created KIBO not only from classes and research but from personal experiences such as the first time I was introduced to aromatherapy, my very first handmade bar of soap and a lot of help from family and friends. Now that I am a loyal follower of myself and KIBO I invite you to experience your personal preference with the skin care regime that is right for you.      
I believe that everyone is unique with their own personal preferences wanting more out of their skin care, a healthier, personal approach. This is what I want to provide for you.


Owner Kim Boland
PHONE 416-528-6677
Aurora, ON


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