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Handmade Soaps
Approx. size 3.5 – 4 oz. each

Cranberry Lane
Mother Nature's Kiss
Taj Mahal
Lavender & Honey
Orange & Pomegranate
Beta Blast
Rosemary Mint
Hippy Days
Element Therapy
Rosemary & Grapefruit Soap Stone
Creamy Butter
Grapefruit & Dead Sea Salt
Very Vanilla
Raspberry Vanilla
Garden of Eden
Eucalyptus Blue
Chocolate Truffle
Field Berry Smoothy
Lady Rose
Silky Swirl
Rosy Cheeks
Baker Street
Surf & Sand
Lemon Ginger
Fruit Salid
Soap Bits
Take a stroll down Cranberry Lane as you breathe in the scents captured in this exfoliating bar made with fresh cranberries. Cranberry seeds provide a natural scrub, while hints of citrus fragrances refresh you.
Who can resist when Mother Nature calls. Exfoliate with a real layer of oatmeal and a soap infused with honey and milk to enhance the natural radiance of your skin.
Enter a palace filled with the spicy and exotic aromas of India. Swirls of deep red ribbons blend sandalwood and black pepper aromas with moisturizing oils to create a wonderfully soothing bar.
A soothing and gentle bar made with a therapeutic blend of lavender essential oil and unpasteurized wild flower Ontario honey. Use for face and body.
A sweet and stimulating natural bar emphasizing the energizing flavours of juicy oranges and tart pomegranates. A generous garnish of orange essential oil accentuates this citrusy soap.
Packed with healthy vitamins and real pumpkin, this soap will quench your thirsty skin. Ideal for treating extremely dry skin.
A bar with a full, sudsy lather. Mildly scented, with an invigorating hint of rosemary and mint caught in a sublime swirl of green and white.
Chill out stressed skin with this mellow bar, featuring the healing properties of patchouli essential oil mingled with the comforting aroma of sweet orange essential oil. Soothing calendula petals complete this therapeutic bar, which will help bring peace to any skin issues.
A healing face and body bar with a medley of therapeutic extracts and essential oils. Tea tree oil, peppermint, and carrot root blend to create an anti-bacterial scrub. An ideal remedy for problematic skin.
A fresh bar loaded with finely ground pumice stone. Perfect as a body scrub and for smoothing out rough feet.
Natural creamy oils and butters join forces to create a moisturizing face and body bar. Coupled with lavender and pettigrain essential oils, this bar is multipurpose: the blend of oils helps calm the skin, prevent wrinkles, and moisturize dry skin. A great addition to your daily regime.
A detoxifying bar, loaded with salt from the Dead Sea. An excellent body scrub with the refreshing aroma of grapefruit essential oil.
A rich, velvety colour with a comforting vanilla aroma. Crushed vanilla bean exfoliate and give this bar its dark, lavish, and natural colour.
Velvety hints of vanilla topped with the fresh scent of raspberries. An irresistible moisturizing bar!
Purify your skin with this scrub after a day spent in your Garden of Eden. This thoroughly cleansing moisturizing bar is made with natural oils and loaded with exfoliants to clean and refresh your skin.
Breathe deeply when using this revitalizing wake-me-up bar. A moisturizing bar made with pure eucalyptus essential oil, excellent for soothing skin ailments as well as relieving cold and flu symptoms.
A nearly edible, sweet and chocolatey soap made with a delicious blend of natural oils and cocoa powder. This blissful bar will satisfy any chocolate lover’s cravings without the calories.
Summer days of drinking smoothies and berry picking are captured in this delicious bar of soap. Delectably rich, this soap is alive with strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry aromas.
Imagine the romantic perfumes radiating from a rose garden as you bathe yourself in the scents of Lady Rose. A blend of rose petals and geranium essential oil unite to give you a creamy and moisturizing bouquet with soft and feminine fragrances.
A silky hard bar with big bubbles in a delightful swirl of colour. A mix of natural oils blended with Basil and Lavender essential oils to create perfect harmony.
Gentle rosewater in an olive oil base soap and loaded with too many essential oils to mention; Rosy Cheeks is a must have. A soft and gentle soap loaded with delicious scents, you will want to shower with it everyday.
Chill is seductive, sensual, calming, and relaxing… Frankincense and sandalwood will intrigue your sensual side leaving you feeling balanced and in harmony.
Inspired by a street in St. John’s where welcomes are always warm and friendly and laughter and good times ring true. Cheers to a good place!
Bring out your flirtatious side with this sweet moisturizing bar. A rich chocolatey layer topped with sweet hints of pink sugar, perfectly alluring!
Excite your senses with this invigorating bar. The citrusy scents of lemon and lime will surely make you want to play.
A great summer bar with exfoliants, hints of lemon, and ocean scents. A triple layer of natural oils will keep you California Dreamin’ all year long.
Feel refreshed with the clean, crisp scents of lemon and ginger. This invigorating bar will leave you and your skin looking and feeling your best.
The sweet aromas of pear, apple pie, and orange are combined to bring you this sweet smelling bar. This bar has a rich lather, perfect for the bath or the shower. Pamper yourself today!
A chip off the old block… every bag is filled with chunks of soap that we have made at Kibo. You get a great blend that can be used the same as a full size soap. They are also great as hand soap or a drawer, closet, or room freshener. This is a great way to experience lots of different scents, shapes, and colours. Enjoy!

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