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Debbie's Reviews
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Torched Studio
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Face Cakes
I just wanted to tell you how well the "Morrocan Beauty" face cake has worked on my face. My face was such a mess, between the cystic acne and dry patches and then I bought a face cake at Pomegranates & Clementines in Aurora. Since then, I am happy to report that my acne has settled down, the olive oil in the soap has restored the moisture balance and my face has been steadily improving. I am able to go without foundation and just touch up spots with concealer. I haven't been able to do that in years and years. I attribute this improvement to using your face cakes. I can wait to try the "Tropical Impression" face cake that I bought! Also, to note is these bars last a long time and has saved me money. This is especially appealing since it also works. I was spending so much money a month on cleansers.
Angela Cimino

Lippy Balm
I purchased your You Better Coco lip balm at the Peterborough Garden show and I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE IT! The fragrance, the feel of it on my lips—it’s wonderful! I am a huge Burt’s Bees fan but this lip balm definitely gives their product a run for the money. My other half also is a big fan—he never liked to kiss me when I was wearing the Burt’s Bees lip balm as he didn’t like the smell; he doesn’t mind kissing me at all now with the You Better Coco lip balm!
Thanks again! Angie

This is one of the best ideas I have ever come across in a bar of soap… I usually use a separate loofah or sea sponge in the shower anyway; this bar combines the two, and makes for the easiest and most convenient way to go. If you’re like me and are always running around in the morning, I get in the shower – and in one step, I’m done! All the scents are wonderful, but I especially like the Rosemary Mint… it’s minty fragrance is exhilarating and stimulating. A good wake up!

Shamem’s Kiss
One of my favorite bars of soap….! It’s crisp and rejuvenating scent are the first thing that caught my attention, once I started to use it on a regular basis, I was struck by how great my skin felt. The name and fragrance of the soap – give me the feeling of doing something divine for myself! I love it!

Beta Blast
One of my favorites Beta Blast naturally exfoliates. This soap leaves me feeling soft all over. I love how this soap lathers.

Basic Body Cream
The basic body cream with the light coconut fragrance makes your skin feel like it is on vacation.

I love love love this company. I can't say enough great things about their natural skin care products, especially their soaps. Based in New Market, the owner makes all of her soaps by hand. I had a great time chatting with her and got an awesome deal compared to other places. I bought three soaps in berry loofah, rosemary & grapefruit and hippy days. The berry loofah is basically a loofah infused in hard glycerin that smells like berry - hello!?? Rosemary & Grapefruit is loaded with find group pumice stone which is excellent for the feet and Hippy Days is basically an overall moisturizing bar made with essential oils and sweet orange. I've tried all of them and they're just heaven. They're so great when you come back from the gym and take a long hot shower. I see myself using this more and more in the coming months..

I live in Ottawa, and I started using Kibo products as a result of receiving several gifts from an Aurora relative. I really love your handmade soaps. I find that handmade soaps often dissolve quickly, and the benefits of using a soap that is made locally with natural ingredients are short-lived. Thanks for making such great soap!

"Since being introduced to KIBO soap products many months ago, I will now not use any other brand. I have always struggled with finding a product to ease my dry and rough skin. All of the KIBO soaps are so rich and moisturizing that I sometimes don't even have to apply lotions or creams after a shower. In particular the Beta Blast is so moisturizing it's like showering with a lotion. It's great to finally have the soft and supple skin I've always wanted."

Rosy Cheeks
I love the smell of rosy cheeks, leaves a great fragrance behind. It lathers well and the combination of essential oils leaves your skin feeling great.

“Being out in Western Canada can take its toll on your skin; my hands become dry and cracked. KIBO’s rosemary mint cream in the morning lasts through many hand washings during the day and leaves my hands smooth and soft.“
Cindy Amos

The freshness and purity of the products is wonderful. The body creams are luscious and the bath salts smell heavenly. The soaps are beautiful, lovely to handle and I enjoy the variety.

Your soaps are wonderful. I gave many away as gifts. Men loved the loofa fragrances and shampoo bars. Your creamy butter is amazing. My husband even commented on the great lather you get with it. Will be stocking up again.
Dianne Moore

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Owner Kim Boland
PHONE 416-528-6677
Aurora, ON


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