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Everything old is new again.

Canadian soap has come full-circle, hasn't it? If you lived in the pioneer days, you would make it at home from the most basic ingredients, because ... well ... that was the only way to get soap back then. Today, you can buy it from grocery stores and pharmacies; soap that has a certain colour, that floats, that gets really foamy or has a certain scent.
But now we're looking to simplify again.
We’re realizing that we can make our lives better with less, and in doing so we’re feeling happier and healthier.


I grew up in picturesque Newfoundland with nature in my backyard and time to experiment with fruits and other raw foods from the kitchen. I’m sure my passion for natural skin care began the day I discovered how a banana and honey make a great facial mask.

And I haven’t looked back.

I became curious about natural skin care. I began following soap companies who used very basic, unprocessed ingredients, and I developed a keen interest in aromatherapy. Then, just for fun, I tried making my own soap. I loved the fact that I could create something that was great for my skin while knowing exactly what went into it.
In 2005, I began selling it at local farmers’ markets. I quickly drew repeating customers who would gush about their favourites and delighted in trying my newer items.

I’m so glad you enjoy my natural soap and my other natural skin care products, and I’m happy to share them with you.

Kim Boland
Founder & CEO of Kibo
Pure-veyor of Natural Skin Care